HIV in Northern Ireland – documentary

Despite the large number of cases around the world many people are still unaware how how HIV spreads and its effect on those living with it. This short documentary, written, narrated, directed, and edited by James Angus, looks at how HIV is viewed today in Northern Ireland, and the services that can help those in need.

James should be congratulated on his film. Its great for helping to educate people about HIV here in Northern Ireland. The film also supports the work done by The HIV Support Centre and The Rainbow Project.

I hope that James did well in his assessment for his class in Moving Image Documentary Production while studying HND Media, for which this film was produced.

One thought on “HIV in Northern Ireland – documentary

  1. Hi Michael. I was checking my YouTube stats and noticed some views coming from your blog, so I just came over to say thanks.
    This documentary is definitely the one thing I’m most proud of from my whole course, so thanks for featuring it. It was great to meet so many people working in HIV awareness, and I still work with PositveLife every so often.
    I finished with a Merit by the way 🙂

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