An end to the wait for me – but when will appointments catch up on the new Trust name?

Yesterday I got a letter in the post regarding an appointment in the Neurology Clinic at the Royal Victoria Hospital. Hopefully this appointment will be when we will find out the results of the MRI and EEG that I had a few weeks ago.

The letter itself, however, causes me to have some concern. It is clear that the letter template has not been updated since the changes to Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland. The letter states,

An appointment has been made for you to attend the Royal Group of Hospitals Trust:


I think that they mean,

An appointment has been made for you to attend the Neurology Clinic at Level 6B, Outpatients Centre, Royal Victoria Hospital.

Unlike other departments within the same hospital, it appears that neurology is unable to print anything on a letterhead. The letter is unsigned, has no address to respond to, should I wish to, and I’m rather disappointed at the way that it is laid out. Perhaps someone from another part of the Belfast HSC Trust could show them how to do it?

Or perhaps they should take a look at the HSCNI Corporate Identity guidelines page. It’s only been in existence for about five years! There’s a short video to explain the logo too…

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