Withington Community Hospital to the rescue

Okay, so the rescue was nearly a fortnight ago, but it is still imprinted on my memory, and I haven’t quite got round to blogging about it.

Andrew and I were off to Cornwall via a flight to Manchester (my cousin Marianne was driving down so that’s why we were in Manchester) and we got there all safely, with everything we needed — except my meds. For the first time that we have been away together, we forgot them. They were set out ready to come, but were left behind. Fortunately, I had one of my Eviplera in a pill box which is kept in my jacket in case. So Wednesday night was okay.

The next morning, I rang the HIV clinic at the Royal Victoria Hospital for advice, and then Marianne drove me to Withington Community Hospital, Manchester. I explained what had happened, had to register as a patient there – that will upset the statistics a bit — and then they came to the rescue and prescribed me one month of Eviplera. Fortunately, as it is a community hospital, the pharmacy downstairs was able to dispense five of my Mirtazapine as well. So all in all it is a great big thank you to the NHS and to Withington Community Hospital in particular.

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