Volunteering with the Scout Association – if I can do it, so can you!

TooBusyToVolunteerBear2Readers may have begun to wonder if I was ever going to post something more to this blog. It has been a bit far down my priorities in recent weeks. I’ve had a lot to do other than blog on here.

Some friends will know that I volunteer with The Scout Association. Since December, I have been working principally with the local Scouts in Bedford, England. Although I live in Belfast, my local role is in based in England. However, thanks to the flexible volunteering policy of The Scout Association, it is perfectly possible for me to carry out the role from the study in our flat.

Scouting helps to develop young people and adults in three ways, physically, mentally, and spiritually. We do this through lots of adventure, outdoors and indoors.

Our volunteers range from people like me, to HRH The Duchess of Cambridge and of course Bear Grylls. Each of us volunteers our time to help provide Scouting to more people. Some of us help wiht admin and finance – others are at the front line of Scouting with the young people.

If you think you have some time to volunteer – no matter how little. Do go and visit the Scouts website. There is bound to be a local role you can be found.

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