A few recurring prejudices about living with HIV

Those of us who live with HIV face prejudice from the world around us in many ways. Sometimes this prejudice is very blatant, other times it is in the background, but still there. Examples include:

  • believing that only certain groups of people can get HIV. This is definitely not true.
  • making moral judgements about people who take steps to prevent HIV transmission.
  • feeling or believing that people deserve to get HIV because of their choices.

There are many people living with HIV in this world. Those of us who are on treatment usually take one or a few pills each day. Taking this treatment means that we that our viral load is undetectable. With undetectable viral load we cannot pass the virus on.

If you are or have been at risk of contracting HIV, please do go and get an HIV test. By knowing, you can be part of the solution in getting to zero. Zero transmissions. Zero diagnoses.

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