Right amount of fluid taken off, but still ½ a kilo over my dry weight?

Yesterday, as it was Monday, I expected there to be some difficulty in cannulating myself for my dialysis session. What I did not expect was that it would take my named nurse and I several attempts and then think that we would have to revert to using a single needle for my session. Fortunately, we did manage to get both needles in and the session was a reasonably successful one.

I was 1.8 kg over my dry weight, so with the washback, and my extra cup of tea that I get whilst on dialysis, making 0.6 kg, the total to take off in fluid was 2.4 kg or 2,400 ml. At the end, however, where I ought to have weighed out at 79.5 kg, for some reason it was 80 kg that the scales recorded. Therefore, I have to be reasonably good and not drink a lot between now and Wednesday’s session. I should be able to manage that.

Today, I continue to unpack boxes as we have just moved house. We are in the stage of knowing that all that is meant to be here is under one roof, but finding what we want when we want it is likely to be a challenge.

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