Some friends have noticed that I am not good at cooking for one. So here are some that were recently sent in. The easiest low-carb recipe is crustless quiche – I throw a carton of egg whites, cheese, and veggies into a pyrex and bake until brown on top. If you eat meat you can add it in too. There are so many variations to this that it never gets old. Baking them in cupcake pans works too and makes packing lunch pretty simple. from Penne con zucchini alla Richard For one person What you need: a pan big … Continue reading Recipes

Day 12, part 2

Food Shopping trip went very well. A mate went with me to keep me along the straight and narrow. Managed to buy quite a lot. Certainly everything required for the two recipes sent in, as well as more besides. It will be interesting to see how I get on using such exotic foodstuffs such as salmon, chesnut mushrooms, cream,  pesto, and tomato purée…  Tomorrow will see me cooking a meal for myself. One that is made from fresh ingredients. The outcome will be interesting. Continue reading Day 12, part 2

Day 11

Quiet day. Been up to a mate’s for Sunday lunch. The support of my mates is very good and I am very grateful for it. Food It is becoming clear to me that I need to find out more about cooking for one. Perhaps there are some courses around for those who are not good at cooking. It’s not that I dislike food. Far from it. I am just bad at making it for myself. Jelly Bean test The continued Jelly Bean test is working thus far. This is where I eat a jelly bean at 10 am and 10 … Continue reading Day 11