Bit of a mix-up: but it’s all sorted now!

As we know, actions have consequences. The issues that I had on Thursday that prompted my trip to the North (briefly) and the telephone call to the dialysis unit, had a knock-on effect on my care for today. Always think through what will happen. And then think it through again. Double check what you think is to happen. Continue reading Bit of a mix-up: but it’s all sorted now!

Further training… and some welcome news

I may have been away from training in First Aid with St John Ambulance Ireland for some time since I stopped being a First Aid Volunteer. However, in the last year, I have had quite some training for medical procedures for my own dialysis. Initially last year, the Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) team in Tallaght University Hospital got me trained up to be able to do PD at home. As we know, that wasn’t as successful as had been hoped. But the training that they gave me in washing my hands, preparing the trolley, has become very useful in recent weeks … Continue reading Further training… and some welcome news

End of the line…

Back in December 2018, I gained a medical device in my chest called a permacath that allowed for haemodialysis. Since the autumn of 2019, this has now been carried out via the arteriovenus fistula in my upper left arm rendering the permacath redundant. Therefore, I am pleased to report that it is the end of the line for the permacath. Last week I was told that it would be taken out on Friday 28th February, but yesterday I received a telephone call from the dialysis unit informing me that there was a slot available this Friday, did I want it? … Continue reading End of the line…

Results and no meds collected

Yesterday, I had my latest trip to the Guide clinic at St James’s University Hospital in Dublin. The doctor annoyed me by constantly touching my leg – so much so that I told her, If I touched you, the way you are touching me, it would be assault.” Fortunately, this made her stop and think. I have been debating whether I should let the clinic know officially. The clinical information that I received were the results of the blood test from my visit in November. Viral Load is undetectable still – which is great news. CD4 level is 573. Again … Continue reading Results and no meds collected