Meds: a matter of obedience — thanks St Benedict

The third step of humility is that for the love of God one should be obedient to a superior in all things imitating the Lord of whom the Apostles says, ‘He was made obedient even unto death.’ The Rule of Saint Benedict, Chapter 7: Humility, translated by Abbot Parry OSB, Gracewing, 1990. In recent weeks and months, I have been re-reading The Rule of Saint Benedict, with a view to putting the principles of his rule into practice in my own life. A couple of Sundays ago I was on a Zoom call with the House of Initia Nova Benedictines … Continue reading Meds: a matter of obedience — thanks St Benedict

Bit of a mix-up: but it’s all sorted now!

As we know, actions have consequences. The issues that I had on Thursday that prompted my trip to the North (briefly) and the telephone call to the dialysis unit, had a knock-on effect on my care for today. Always think through what will happen. And then think it through again. Double check what you think is to happen. Continue reading Bit of a mix-up: but it’s all sorted now!

End of the line…

Back in December 2018, I gained a medical device in my chest called a permacath that allowed for haemodialysis. Since the autumn of 2019, this has now been carried out via the arteriovenus fistula in my upper left arm rendering the permacath redundant. Therefore, I am pleased to report that it is the end of the line for the permacath. Last week I was told that it would be taken out on Friday 28th February, but yesterday I received a telephone call from the dialysis unit informing me that there was a slot available this Friday, did I want it? … Continue reading End of the line…

GP clears up some confusion

In the last couple of weeks two things happened: I became very much confused and appeared to be drunk on occasions (without drinking any alcohol); and I had restarted taking my antidepressant, Mirtazapine. On Friday evening past, I failed to take my medication, and on Saturday I felt much more myself. Following discussion with my husband, we put it down to the failure to take Mirtazepine. This morning, Andrew and I went to my GP. There, we discussed how I had been and it was agreed to take me off the Mirtazapine. This had already been my decision and I … Continue reading GP clears up some confusion