Shocked at being told I had “the plague”

So it is 2016 and last night as the old year was preparing to leave, I got told that I had the plague: the gay plague. I thought that this sort of language was only to be expected from conservatives in the US like Walter Kubitz in Virginia. But this was in Ireland, from someone … Continue reading Shocked at being told I had “the plague”

“My HIV. Our Problem.”

Andrew Keates has made this documentary about living with HIV. I don’t know him personally, but a friend does. He asks himself questions that he has been asked before and then answers them. Who gave you HIV? Don’t you just pop a pill a day and everything’s fine? How’s your love life? He tells … Continue reading “My HIV. Our Problem.”

#LiveHIVNeutral — my pledge

I pledge to Live HIV Neutral; to challenge stigma if I experience, see or hear it, and to be an advocate for people with and affected by HIV.—John Carchrie Campbell #LiveHIVNeutral What does living HIV neutral mean? To live HIV neutral is to be informed and stigma-free in all that we say and do.  It is both … Continue reading #LiveHIVNeutral — my pledge