Complementary therapies – releasing the tension

Northern Ireland’s only HIV-dedicated support organisation, Positive Life, has recently launched a research report highlighting the positive benefits that complementary therapies can have on the physical, emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing of people living with, or affected by, HIV. The research, carried out by the Institute for Conflict Research shows that complementary therapies can have a clear benefit to mental health, helping people feel better able to challenge the negative thought processes they may have regarding living with HIV. “…in the immediate days after my treatment I feel my thoughts are clearer and it’s only after coming here that I … Continue reading Complementary therapies – releasing the tension

June 23

St Etheldreda’s Day Today is St Etheldreda’s Day. The day that the Church remembers a holy Abbess in Ely, Cambridgeshire. It is the day I remember a friend of mine called Etheldreda. And remember that I have forgotten to send a card to her – I’ll have to do that later this afternoon. Hospital Clinic Last month when I was given the date for today’s appointment I mentioned that it was St Etheldreda’s day and the doctor looked at me a bit funny. I’m rather good with dates – name a day and I’ll probably be able to know what … Continue reading June 23