“Positive about HIV” – feature in Sunday Life

At the end of last month, I met with Sara Girvin, a reporter with The Sunday Life — Sunday newspaper of the year — to talk to her about living with HIV. Sara had contacted me earlier in the month via Twitter suggesting an interview in the future. As before, with the Belfast Telegraph, and Ulster Television, and anyone else really, I am happy to talk about living with HIV. Sara suggested it being   ‘at some stage before Christmas’ and I suggested that we have it leading up to 1 December, which is World AIDS Day.

The Sunday Life unlike its sister daily paper, the Belfast Telegraph, does not have a website. This can only be for the reason that they want us to go out and spend the £1.40 on buying the paper. I do have some sympathy for them, but on occasion it is awkward when trying to get people to read the article. So, that afternoon, Andrew went out and got a copy. Below is a photo of the spread — I did not expect to be across two pages!

Photo of “Positive about HIV” article by Sara Girvin in the Sunday Life 24 Nov 2013.
Photo of “Positive about HIV” article by Sara Girvin in the Sunday Life 24 Nov 2013.

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Is this true: “Circumcision prevents HIV/AIDS”?

David Ferguson writes on Raw Story that Circumcision reduces HIV risk by changing penis ‘biome’, says study. 

Before I even read this story I was not convinced, I would be interested if anyone has any further information. Another article I found online, written by Darcia Narvaez, Ph.D. – More Circumcision Myths You May Believe: Hygiene and STDs – says:

Three studies in Africa several years ago that claimed that circumcision prevented AIDS and that circumcision was as effective as a 60% effective vaccine (Auvert 2005, 2006). These studies had many flaws, including that they were stopped before all the results came in.  There have also been several studies that show that circumcision does not prevent HIV (Connolly 2008). There are many issues at play in the spread of STDs which make it very hard to generalize results from one population to another. Continue reading “Is this true: “Circumcision prevents HIV/AIDS”?”