“My HIV. Our Problem.”

Andrew Keates has made this documentary about living with HIV. I don’t know him personally, but a friend does. He asks himself questions that he has been asked before and then answers them. Who gave you HIV? Don’t you just pop a pill a day and everything’s fine? How’s your love life? He tells the story of living with HIV, being undetectable, and falling in love. Much of the story that he tells is similar to my own. I am so glad that he has made the video. Now, please go and watch it, and share it with your friends. … Continue reading “My HIV. Our Problem.”

I am not a carer

I am not a carer. I hate the term. I really hate the term. I suspect that I fulfil most people’s definition and expectation of what a carer is. I look after my husband. I make sure he has his meds on time. I make sure he always has food when he needs it, even if he doesn’t want it. I make sure he has clean clothes and a comfortable bed. When he needs it, I help him bathe. When he’s sick, I look after him. But I am not a carer. I do not do any of those things … Continue reading I am not a carer