HIV in Northern Ireland – documentary

Despite the large number of cases around the world many people are still unaware how how HIV spreads and its effect on those living with it. This short documentary, written, narrated, directed, and edited by James Angus, looks at how HIV is viewed today in Northern Ireland, and the services that can help those in need. James should be congratulated on his film. Its great for helping to educate people about HIV here in Northern Ireland. The film also supports the work done by The HIV Support Centre and The Rainbow Project. I hope that James did well in his … Continue reading HIV in Northern Ireland – documentary

Living openly with HIV always helps

  Since I was diagnosed back in 2009 as living with HIV, I have tried to live my life openly. This blog started off anonymously but then I realised that this was self-stigmatizing. Not something to be proud of. As part of my commemoration of World AIDS Day in December 2010, I ‘came out‘ on this blog as myself. Over in London, an Olympic trampolinist, Ji Wallace has just come out as positive too. Far too often people living with HIV live their lives, keeping their diagnosis a secret, not telling anyone other than the medical staff at the GUM … Continue reading Living openly with HIV always helps