It’s been a while… I’ve been bad and not blogged on here for a while. I’ve not been neglecting this blog specifically, but other blogs that I have have been quiet too. Something happened recently that made me go quiet on them. But I know that people use this to keep up with how I am doing… so back I come…

Of course, it is also coming up to World Aids Day 2012 – we’re just over a month away. It’s on 1 December if you don’t know… So it is time to think about what can be done to commemorate it.

For people in Northern Ireland, one thing you could do is support the local HIV-specific charity, The HIV Support Centre. It’s been around for over 25 years and is still here, still providing the support and guidance that is needed by the growing number of people living with HIV here.

Growing? Yes, I said growing. And I expect that on 1 December the Department of Health will publish the latest statistics. Will there still be an increase in diagnoses this year? One word of warning though for anyone looking headlines in the statistics. We have heard in the past that there are rising numbers of men who have sex with men being diagnosed. It is used as though this is a surprise. Well I have said before and will say again that the GUM clinic at Belfast’s Royal Victoria Hospital have put a lot of effort together with The Rainbow Project and others to make testing for all STIs available more widely to the MSM community. Are there similar projects being created and taking place within the rest of the community?

Let’s see what comes on 1 December, meanwhile I promise that I will start blogging a bit more on here.

As for the meds… well I’m still on the one tablet a day Eviplera but there have been occasions even with this that I have really not wanted to take it… but with the help of Andrew I get through. No missed doses for quite some time. Hurrah.