Naomi Long, MP for East Belfast, standing up to the bully boys.
Naomi Long, MP for East Belfast, standing up to the bully boys.

Since the playground, many of us have suffered threats and most of us think that that has been put behind us when we get to adulthood. Sadly, for many of us living with HIV in Northern Ireland they still come. It seems that even in the ‘new Northern Ireland’ our political leaders can get them too – for standing up for what is right.

In the early hours of this morning, Naomi Long MP got told by the Police Service of Northern Ireland that a threat had been made against her life, both at her home in the constituency of East Belfast and against her going to her own constituency office.

Those who make these threats are nothing more than the bully boys of the playground. They have not grown up. They believe that when they say something it is right, and that threats against life and property are the way forward. It is simple to them.

However, might is not often right. Today, I am proud to have Naomi Long as my representative in Parliament in Westminster, and even more proud that she is standing up for herself and not letting the bully boys win — she is an inspiration.

I pray that everyone in Northern Ireland works to ensure that all who make threats be they against political leaders, people living HIV, or  anyone else for that matter, are reported to the Police, brought before the courts, and, if convicted, pay their debt back to society in general. A threat against one political leader is a threat against us all.