Some days I eat plenty, and other days I don’t. Today is definitely one of the latter.

I’ve got plenty done. We – our cleaner and me – have got quite a lot done.

  • washing up done (cleaner)
  • hoovering done (cleaner)
  • washing put away (both of us)
  • Cloak room started to be sorted (both of us)

And I have been trying to sort out Google+ and other apps to make my life easier. All in all, a busy day, but I’ve not even managed to get a cup of coffee! Bad me. So now, I’m going to go downstairs and attempt to make a sandwich. Think I will have bread, cheese and ham and salad cream. No one makes them quite like my mum, but I suppose that is what being a grown up is like.

When Andrew gets home he’s going to flip: there are coats all over the sofa – and we will need more food – but we can work on both of those later. Hope he’s not too tired from work.