A new game for Northern Ireland: “pin the tail on Jim Allister”

Sometimes you just have to laugh at what goes on in Northern Irish politics. With all the furore about our First Minister’s letter regarding the proposal for a Peace and Reconciliation centre at the site of the former HM Prison Maze, Professor Billy McWilliams’ blogpost on 1690 and all that is really rather fun.

There is even a new game for children who may sick of the historically-themed workshops in the ‘Long Creche’ childcare facility, “pin the tail on Jim Allister” – all these thoughts apparently from the pen of Ulster’s First and Deputy First Minister, Peter Rabinson MP MLA.

Read the full story on 1690 and all that.

Note to assist readers outside Norn Iron.
  • Jim Allister is a former member of the DUP (of which Peter Robinson is now the Leader) and now the Leader (?) of the TUV.

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