I really like this post as it highlights some of the problems that exist when the gay scene is so reliant on alcohol. I do wish that there were more places for the discerning LGBT person to frequent which do not involve alcohol.


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What does the gay scene mean to you and your mates? What comes into your head when you picture Soho, Canal Street or your own local gay scene? Well, however you answered the question there’s a good chance that you were thinking about your favourite bars and clubs. Drinking is a big part of gay culture and even in the age of apps and hook-up sites many gay and bisexual men meet up on the gay scene.  Alcohol is such an endemic part of the gay scene that it sometimes appears harmless and unremarkable (I mean almost everyone has one in their hand, after all), but going out and having a few too many drinks on a Friday or Saturday night can leave you with more than just a nasty hangover the next morning. Thousands of gay and bisexual men are also waking up the morning after the night before…

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