In just over 48 hours I have stayed in two hotels, been on two plane flights, used two different currencies, been through three airports, been in four countries, and travelled more than 2,500 miles.

That’s jet-settin’ tech writin’!

—Andrew McFarland Campbell on Google+

This was the most extreme journey for a job interview that I have heard of ever. Whilst Andrew was away, I was left at home in Belfast, cuddling his Build-a-Bear Polar Bear, Gabriel, and crying myself to sleep. For the last three years we have been living together: I had not realised how much of a hole would be left by Andrew’s absence. He was only away for just over two days, but the time that he was away took me right back to the days of me living in the north of the city of Belfast, in a cold house, huddling under a duvet cover—or two—for warmth.

When he went for his interview we had thought that if he got the job, I would be staying in Belfast for a while until we found a job for me. It was clear from the two days he was away that this was not really an option. Besides crying myself to sleep, there was the problem with the boiler: Andrew deals with that normally. I was stuck. I didn’t know what to do. It showed me how much I rely on him.

However, he got back last Saturday with good news. He has been offered the job. And yesterday we got a start date for him of 1st April—so we have got our work cut out to get packed up here, and relocated to… oh yes, I haven’t said where, have I?

Well, growing up in Northern Ireland we both know what it is like living somewhere where there is a dispute about sovereignty. We were also very conscious of the frontier. Add in that those who say they are British here are often more British than those in Great Britain and it could be said that we are jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Replace Éire—Ireland with Reino de España (Kingdom of Spain) and you might be able to work out where we are going. We all saw the huge queues at the Spain—Gibraltar Frontier last summer and only in the last week there was another incursion into British Gibraltar Waters by a Spanish warship that has HM Government in the UK issuing a formal protest to Madrid.

This is where we are going. Obviously many things are going to change.

The Rock of Gibraltar from La Línea de la Concepción. Picture: © 2014 Andrew McFarland Campbell
The Rock of Gibraltar from La Línea de la Concepción. Picture: © 2014 Andrew McFarland Campbell

The weather

Gone will be Belfast’s cold, wet and windy weather, replaced with Gibraltar’s 300 days of sunshine.

The money

Although we will still be using Sterling it will also include notes and coins issued by the Government of Gibraltar although we must make sure we don’t take much money in Northern Irish notes as they are not accepted there. Might be good for curiosity’s sake for our new friends (that I am sure we will make).

As you will realise it is about five weeks’ time that Andrew will start his new job, so we need to be there by then. Doesn’t leave us much time, but I am sure we will manage it. However, it will mean that I will not get much time for updating this blog. I am sure that there will be updates on Twitter, but the blog itself may have to take a back seat.

I am looking forward to the new chapter that will begin on the Rock. Looking forward, I spoke with a pharmacist from the Gibraltar Health Authority this afternoon who confirmed that Eviplera is available in the territory. But it was recommended that I bring out at least a month’s supply when we move. With a hospital appointment on 4 March and another on 25 March at Belfast’s Royal Victoria Hospital, I am sure that this will be possible. I was told that there are already two patients using Eviplera, so that will make me number 3. I was told when I was first prescribed it here that I was number 2 in Northern Ireland. Not bad for being at the leading edge of treatment.

Watch out for the next chapter in about a month’s time. Oh, but there is likely to be even more of a delay as I have a law exam on 28 April but we’re not quite sure where it will be. Hopefully in England somewhere near to Luton/Bedford.