It was results time last Tuesday morning when I visited the Royal Victoria Hospital’s GUM clinic for possibly the last time. Since diagnosis my CD4 count has been rather on the low side, on diagnosis, it was 100, and has dropped to 80, before climbing up to above 200. Last Tuesday morning I got told that it was over three hundred! As I said on Twitter:

The Viral Load count was a little bit higher than I should have liked, but there you go.

The other problem is that I have been suffering from a bad cold/possible ’flu for the last couple of weeks. Now that my immune system is actually starting to work of course I feel my body trying to attack whatever it is that I have. Previously, it did not do this (for obvious reasons) and although I felt ill, it was just like being ill normally with HIV.

Now, I am sitting in an hôtel room in La Línea de la Concepción with Andrew. It is a lovely short walk to the Frontier with Gibraltar. We had a bit of a hold up getting back from the Rock this evening, but it was only a couple of minutes with the Guardia Civil busy checking every bag going through. Presumably in case we were walking through with something to declare.

Tomorrow, Andrew begins his new job that is the reason that we have emigrated from Northern Ireland. Now all we have to do is find me a new job as well.

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