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It’s been three great years since Andrew and I got married. Where does the time go to? Those of our friends who visited us in East Belfast will know that we have had a lot of ‘children’ of the Build-a-Bear variety. Having moved to the Rock we found ourselves in accommodation that did not prevent us having pets. So, yesterday evening after seeing them on the previous evening, we brought home three cats. They have been exploring the flat ever since.

We have named them:

  • Scholastica – the mother cat who is a beautiful white one
  • Niamh – Scholastica’s daughter who shares her mother’s white hue
  • Richard – an adopted son of Scholastica who had been an orphan and the vets tried to see if Scholastica would take to him. She did.

Having seen how well the three of them were getting on together in the vets, we couldn’t have parted them. So Scholastica will now grow up with her two kittens and we hope that we will have them for ever.

Andrew grew up in a house with a multitude of cats, but I was never allowed them before. It’s a new experience for me to watch kittens racing around the flat, their mother nursing them, and the three of them curled up on what had been my favourite sofa on which to lie.

In other news, we finally got linked to the internet and telephone lines here today. Thanks to the guys at GibTelecom.