As many readers will know my weight seemed like it was never going to stop going up, and up, and up. The last time that I weighed myself I knew that it was bad, and it was about 100kg. When I arrived in Gibraltar I had had to buy new pairs of trousers and my suit jacket didn’t do up. In recent weeks, the pairs of trousers that have been bought here are now too big, and the suit jacket does button up.

This morning I was at the Primary Care Centre as I had hæmaturia yesterday which was both rather worrying and rather painful. But, I had a sample bottle on hand, took a sample and then arranged an emergency appointment for this morning.

Incidentally, for everyone in the UK who thinks that they have it bad, it can be an hour’s hold on the phone to get the appointment, and today the appointment itself was an hour late as well… but it is the government-run health service, and I really don’t want to have to pay to see a GP… so I don’t really mind. 

Anyway, the nurse practitioner I saw tested the sample, found blood in it and other things to suggest a urinary tract infection. After consulting the BNF and a pharmacist, I was prescribed Trimethoprim 200mg tablets. I am to take one tablet B.D. for a week. Then we made an additional appointment for a review on Thursday 2 October. So that means I will be in the Primary Care Centre twice in two days — as my next appointment with my regular GP is on the Friday.

Whilst the nurse practitioner was consulting with the pharmacist about medication to treat the UTI, I took the opportunity to weigh myself — just out of interest. I was much surprised when the scales showed 80kg. I had to use the multi converter on my iPhone to work out what that meant. It’s 176lb for those who like it in pounds, and 12-8-6 for those who like it in stones, pounds, and ounces.

This produced a BMI of 23.8

BMI results

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In other news, I have found a local pharmacy which stocks Eviplera. So am going there after lunch to get my meds. 🙂