The lost generation

Paul Coleman and Adam Roberts are making a feature length documentary film that reflects how HIV and AIDS affected gay men, their friends and partners during the first years of the epidemic in the UK before there was effective treatment. Their aim is to interview and record the experiences of 100 people who have been touched by HIV and AIDS. According to government figures, 13,000 mostly gay men died before 1998 when effective combination therapies became widely available in the UK. They want to remember the lost generation of gay men who died during those years as their experience is barely recorded. And they want to tell the stories of those who survived.

Tell your story

Anyone wanting to take part in the film should email the film makers at and leave contact details.  The filming will involve around two hours of your time at a mutually agreed location.  The interview would be informal, usually with a film crew of just two and minimal technical equipment and you will have a chance to share your experiences in a safe environment.