Out of hospital — but back 3 times a week

So, after three-and-a-half-weeks out of four being in hospital, I am now home. The new reality is hitting me, hard. Three days a week, I have to return to hospital as an outpatient for hæmodialysis. I also have to manage a new diet. (No bananas amongst other things.)

Thankfully, throughout all of this and for the future, I have my husband, Andrew, to help me. He is more organized than me on what meds I need to take and when.

Last night, we did have a bit too much excitement at home, though. We noticed that the central heating didn’t see to be coming on, so Andrew went out to check it. Yes, it was on, but oh dear, there is not meant to be smoke coming from the boiler. So he switched everything off and called the Fire Brigade. They sent a crew from the local fire station. For the first time in history, I was unable to see if there were any cute ones, because as I was inside (in the light) and they were outside in the dark, I couldn’t see. However, they checked everything, and I am now waiting for the plumber to arrive to service it. Let’s hope it can be sorted out today.

Liam, my dialysis support bear, is taking a well-earned rest before he heads back to the city with me early tomorrow morning for another session followed by an outpatients’ appointment.

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