Every day I come into dialysis, one of the first things I do is weigh myself. This is to determine how much fluid we need to set the machine to take off during the session to get me back down to my dry weight (or target weight). With a fluid restriction of 1 litre daily, it is usually about 2 litres that must be taken off. Of course, weekends are challenging as there is an extra day!

So, for the second Monday in a row, I’m 2.9 kilos over my dry weight, so we have to set the machine to take 2.9 litres off. In addition, because I get tea and toast whilst I am on the machine, we have to add about 600 ml to the target, which makes 3.5 litres to take off. Historically, I’ve not reacted well to more than 2.5 litres, but we managed it last Monday (see the record in the image above), so I have set the machine to do it again this Monday.

I wonder how I will do next Monday.