Beef fillet and ratatouille

So today I had my first dialysis session in The Midland Regional Hospital in Tullamore. Amongst the many things that happened, I was given a cook book called Truly Tasty. Andrew and I had been meaning to buy a copy, but had not done so yet. It was, therefore, a great surprise when the dietitian … Continue reading Beef fillet and ratatouille

Over thirty years of experience and it’s a schoolboy error that delays my day!

With a hospital appointment clashing with the funeral of a friend, today was not the day for further delays to happen during a routine appointment at the Royal Victoria Hospital. Sadly, a simple schoolboy error ended up winding me up. At least I don’t have to return for six months…

low carbs? anyone got any recipes?

Well you may remember that a few weeks ago my GP recommended that I try for a low white carbs diet. I’ve not been terribly successful at this over the last few weeks – mainly due to some stress over Andrew’s job. However, yesterday, we resolved together to try to make it work. So, if … Continue reading low carbs? anyone got any recipes?