Another week, more treatment, lots of support

It’s another week, and I’ve not had anything put up on this blog for ages, but it’s not because nothing has been happening – quite the opposite in fact. Life has been moving on. I have been working away and getting on with various things. However, last weekend I felt a bump on the back of my neck, and on Thursday I fought through the rain, gale force winds and awful traffic to make it up to the Gay Men’s clinic at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast. I thought it was probably a recurrence of the now dreaded PVL-MRSA … Continue reading Another week, more treatment, lots of support

smiling and whistling under all difficulties

As you know, last week I was called up to the Royal Victoria Hospital for an appointment. There was something more virulent about the MRSA that had caused my abscesses earlier in the year. The results show that what I had was PVL-MRSA. Or to spell it out… Panton-Valentine Leukocidin, MRSA. This is particularly nasty. And has meant that I have had particularly nasty abscesses that have had to be drained in emergency surgery, both times. The particularly nasty side effect that has come up now is that since we are trying to prevent me getting this form bacteria again, … Continue reading smiling and whistling under all difficulties

MRSA yes, but a more virulent strain

This morning, I received a telephone call from one of the doctors at Belfast’s Royal Victoria Hospital where I received the treatment for living with HIV. After getting the abscesses removed, a sample had been sent off for further testing. Apparently one of the reasons that I have had these attacks more often than most is that the particular strain of MRSA that I have is more virulent than usual. Further update tomorrow after my the appointment that was made today. Continue reading MRSA yes, but a more virulent strain

abscess nearly healed

It is nearly a month since I was in hospital for surgery to remove an abscess caused by MRSA. I am glad to report that according to the nurse at my local health centre the wound has very nearly healed over. I have been advised to use Tea Tree oil shampoo/shower gel. Whilst it doesn’t smell altogether lovely, it is at least better than having to have salt baths every day. I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff at Belfast’s Royal Victoria Hospital who made my short stay so pleasant, and to all at … Continue reading abscess nearly healed