As you know, last week I was called up to the Royal Victoria Hospital for an appointment. There was something more virulent about the MRSA that had caused my abscesses earlier in the year.

The results show that what I had was PVL-MRSA. Or to spell it out… Panton-Valentine Leukocidin, MRSA.

This is particularly nasty. And has meant that I have had particularly nasty abscesses that have had to be drained in emergency surgery, both times.

The particularly nasty side effect that has come up now is that since we are trying to prevent me getting this form bacteria again, I have to limit any contact with lots of children. No problem I hear you say.

Well actually, this is quite a big problem. It means that I cannot be the Scout Leader that I enjoy being. I will have to resign, and look for other ways to help the Scout Movement.

Thank goodness, that I am not a teacher – it may have ended my career.

But to quote the original Scout Law, as given by B.-P.

A Scout smiles and whistles under all difficulties

In other news, I had a job interview yesterday for a new job that I really really want to get. Hopefully, I will find out tomorrow or Thursday the result.

The medications that I am on now seem to be working – CD4 was up to 120 according to the latest results. At least it is finally heading in the right direction again.