Is HIV stigma still a problem in Dublin?

For many of us living with HIV there is always the niggling thought at the back of our heads that other people will talk about our status, often behind our backs, and if we are particularly unfortunate it may even be to our face. The number of times that I have had negative responses to [...]

Hopefully after a trip to the GP I may be able to sleep

After some nights of very disturbed sleep, I made it to the GP and hopefully will not wake the entire household this evening.

Thanks to @imstilljosh for last year’s nomination…

This evening I have been doing a bit of research into where is linking to this blog from the Internet around the world. I was a bit surprised to find some of the places. However, amongst them I found that I was among those nominated for the Top HIV Voices 2014. These “Top HIV [...]

QUB research into stigma in gay men living with HIV

Stigma experiences, well-being and medication adherence in gay men living with HIV If you live in England, Northern Ireland, or the Republic or Ireland and are over 18 years of age, been living with HIV for over a year, and have been prescribed HA-ART medication then a researcher from Queen’s University Belfast would like 20 [...]

Irish Independent says “Aids virus”: what century are we living in?

This evening I was reading a copy of today's Irish Independent as I ate my evening meal. I was somewhat taken aback to read on page nineteen: Aids virus hope A teenage girl born with the Aids virus… This is very bad reporting of an issue about someone living with HIV. I begin to wonder [...]

Stitches in the other two – makes me worried

Yesterday, I was in bits all day. One of our three cats, Niamh, was at the vet’s from about nine in the morning until six in the evening. Quite simply she was having the operation that all domestic cats ought to have, she was being neutered. This was the first time that I, as a [...]

The first of us to leave…

Scholastica, Niamh, and Richard are all set for the beginning of their great adventure. They are going just across the border to La Línea de la Concepción to begin their chauffeur-driven journey to Caergybi. They have no need of quarantine as they have their nice Gibraltarian EU pet passports. They are the equivalent of the [...]

Over 400 signatories asking Nigel Farage for HIV apology.

Along with 375 other people and 44 organisations, I signed the letter composed by ACT UP London, an HIV activist group, which corrects inaccuracies in Nigel Farage’s claims during the televised leaders’ debate in the run up to the UK Parliamentary General Election. During the leaders’ debate on 2 April, Mr Farage claimed: “Here's a [...]

Politicians sometimes surprise me…

Every now and then, politicians surprise me. For instance, The Rt Hon Peter Robinson MP MLA is supporting religious freedom and freedom of conscience. This has been highlighted by Faith and Pride: Glad @dupleader is taking a strong stand for freedom of conscience. — Faith And Pride (@FaithAndPride) March 9, 2015 Perhaps you should read what Faith [...]

Thank you Andrew: a return to blogging

Sorry everyone, life has been getting in the way of posting. Living here in Gibraltar, I have not been brilliant at taking some time to sit down and record how life is. Perhaps that is because it has been so good recently. Well so good in comparison to what it was when the blog was first [...]

Who is perfect?

None of us is perfect. Yet all too often the images that we see in shops all around us are of so-called body-beautiful people. Imagine if there were mannequins that represented real people? Earlier this month, there were figures with scoliosis or brittle bone disease modelling the latest fashions in Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse. The campaign [...]

Another day, another media outlet… raising awareness on World AIDS Day 2014.

Once again, on World AIDS Day, I end up talking to the local media on camera to raise awareness of living with HIV. This time it is in Gibraltar!

Out of action for a couple of weeks at least

I had a fantastic time over in Bedford seeing Scouting at its best in PHXG Scouts and at Bedfordshire Scouts Indaba as well. After a late night scramble from London back to Bedford Station and back to where I was staying and back to the station and onwards to Luton Airport I made it back to Gibraltar. [...]

Weight back to normal :) #teambounce 12-8-6

As many readers will know my weight seemed like it was never going to stop going up, and up, and up. The last time that I weighed myself I knew that it was bad, and it was about 100kg. When I arrived in Gibraltar I had had to buy new pairs of trousers and my suit [...]

Thank you Troy Michael for helping me to tell my story too…

Earlier this week, Troy Michael, Mr Gay Iceland told Gay Star News about being raped when he was 12 by a friend of his older brother. For some reason, I only saw it this evening. I was not sure that I wanted to read the article, but I persevered and did so. You may well wonder [...]

A vote for #BetterTogether is not a vote for more devolution… #indyref

The UK Prime Minister is making extrapolations on future policy on the governance of the UK based on one vote on a different issue in one part of the UK. That is hardly democratic is it?

Disappointment from GHA today

Today, was my second appointment with my new GP here in Gibraltar. I woke up looking forward to it. I was due to get the results of the blood tests done by the Infection Control nurse about a month ago. My last results were back in March in Belfast and were quite good. I went [...]

When you hear of a cure for HIV from a church… get worried.

Reports have reached me of a church holding an event in Dublin this weekend promoting its super “cure”. Pink News has an article about it. Having this article, I had a look at the Genesis II Church website and was scared that they are seriously proposing that the International Red Cross Treat the victims of [...]

A statement from the Combined NI LGBT Communities…

As many readers will know, many of the Unionist politicians in Northern Ireland have real problems with allowing the LGBT communities in the Province to exist peacefully and to express their culture. Following on from the statement issued by the combined Unionist parties this morning, my friend Stephen Glenn has published a statement from combined [...]

A question of conscience… and printing

The question was raised by a Unionist MP in the House of Commons during Prime Minister's Questions. The answer of British Prime Minister, David Cameron was that tolerance towards people of a different sexuality is an important part of being British. Now, remember, this question was raised by a Unionist MP, someone who fundamentally believes [...]

HIV support in Gibraltar?

This afternoon I am meeting with Felix Alvarez OBE and others from the Equality Rights Group group to talk about provision of support services for people living with HIV in Gibraltar. I have missed the regular support from Positive Life back in Belfast, and hope that we can find a way of making something work for [...]

Positively Chris

Positively Chris Living positively with HIV. I'm sharing my experiences to provide some insight into the reality of a life with HIV. My aim is to be open, honest, and informative, in the hope of reducing HIV related stigma, and to get people talking about a subject that many feel unable to discuss openly. Thanks [...]

And then there were five!

It's been three great years since Andrew and I got married. Where does the time go to? Those of our friends who visited us in East Belfast will know that we have had a lot of ‘children’ of the Build-a-Bear variety. Having moved to the Rock we found ourselves in accommodation that did not prevent [...]

Two weeks here, and already seeing a GP.

It is the beginning of our third week in Gibraltar. It does not seem possible that the time has passed so quickly. We left on the fourth Sunday of Lent, and now we are at the beginning of Holy Week, with Easter Day next Sunday. Where has the time gone? Well, this week we have [...]