June 23

St Etheldreda’s Day Today is St Etheldreda’s Day. The day that the Church remembers a holy Abbess in Ely, Cambridgeshire. It is the day I remember a friend of mine called Etheldreda. And remember that I have forgotten to send a card to her – I’ll have to do that later this afternoon. Hospital Clinic Last month when I was given the date for today’s appointment I mentioned that it was St Etheldreda’s day and the doctor looked at me a bit funny. I’m rather good with dates – name a day and I’ll probably be able to know what … Continue reading June 23

Day 50 – Half a century of days

The fiftieth day since I was diagnosed and in some ways it feels like Day One was only yesterday: in other ways it feels like it was longer than fifty days ago. Counselling Yesterday I had my first counselling session at a local support centre. There are a number of issues that came out of that first session: but the one with the priority is ‘learning to cope with being HIV positive’. Anything else that is in the background can wait – if it has waited this long, it can wait a bit longer. Food Food is now becoming a bit … Continue reading Day 50 – Half a century of days

Day 47 – New Meds

Well it happened on Day 43, I got new medication from the consultant. Basicaly the diarrhoea and tiredness were getting too much and so the Kaletra has been stopped. The replacement is Prezista® and is taken at the same time as Ritonavir. Hopefully this will make life a bit easier. Food is still a problem but I am getting there a bit better. Some days are easier than others as I have easy access to food in the staff canteen. Other days are more problematic as I am at home on my own. Continue reading Day 47 – New Meds