The fiftieth day since I was diagnosed and in some ways it feels like Day One was only yesterday: in other ways it feels like it was longer than fifty days ago.

Yesterday I had my first counselling session at a local support centre. There are a number of issues that came out of that first session: but the one with the priority is ‘learning to cope with being HIV positive’. Anything else that is in the background can wait – if it has waited this long, it can wait a bit longer.

Food is now becoming a bit of a problem. I know that I need to eat, but it is just becoming more and more of a chore. On some days it is easy to eat in the staff canteen – on other days it is less easy in that I work part time. Motivation to make my own food is rather lacking. Perhaps this is part of generally feeling down.

The drugs have been taken every day since the new régime was implemented last week. With the change in medication, one friend said that it is no longer taking “Jelly beans” but having a “Murray Mint” once a day. There are now a total of four tablets each day, with the continuing Septrin on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.