a day of firsts

I don’t think I have had a day like Friday for Firsts first-time my entire family-of-origin came to see me in Dublin; they arrived just after my first bad reaction to a drip of platelets — I came out in a rash. they went to find food when I went downstairs for my first biopsy of a kidney. which was followed by my first dialysis session of an hour followed by first two hours of plasma exchange and finally I get back up to the ward and get some food — ham salad. looking forward to tomorrow, the biopsy results … Continue reading a day of firsts

Maybe less than a week to go on Eviplera

It is hard to believe that it is about three-and-a-half years since I started taking Eviplera. Looking back it is clear that at the beginning I did know that it was meant to be taken with a meal, but somehow along the way I had forgotten. I had reverted to type and took it last thing at night before heading to bed. This means that it is not working as well as it should be, so the last time I was at my HIV clinic in Dublin, there is talk of me changing to a drug that does not need to … Continue reading Maybe less than a week to go on Eviplera

Originally posted on Andrew McFarland Campbell:
Ryan White in 1989 A few weeks ago, a friend of mine, PA Maglochlainn, died. PA fought to make the world a better place, and while he wasn’t old when he died, he wasn’t a young man either. Today would have been Ryan White’s 41st birthday, but Ryan died in 1990, at the age of 18. Ryan was a haemophiliac, and he became HIV positive as a result of an infected blood treatment. He was diagnosed in December 1984, the same months as his 13th birthday. In the days before effective drug treatment, an… Continue reading