Three points of access and a question from the 1980s

For dialysis to work, each patient needs access from the body to the machine. Back in December, when my kidneys failed, I was given a permacath in my chest so that blood can be taken from my body, fed into the machine, and pumped back into my body. I am glad to say that I […]

Changes afoot to dialysis

So, I’ve been on haemodialysis (HD) for just over two months now. Just settled into the rhythm of it. Sunday afternoons (after church), Tuesday mornings (first thing), and Friday lunchtimes are the days I have been going up to Tallaght University Hospital for my HD. Each day there are friendly faces from the nursing staff […]

Time for Equal Marriage in Gibraltar

It is time to say Yes to Equality, to say Yes to Love, and to Say No to discrimination against people of the same sex who love each other. Sitting in Dublin, one could be complacent about Equal Marriage given the constitutional referendum that was held in May to make the change here. However, I […]

Interview with @sharon_utv for #WorldAIDSDay

Yesterday evening an interview with me about living with HIV in Northern Ireland was broadcast on UTV. You can watch it here UTV Player | HIV in Northern Ireland. (expires 29 days from 29 Nov. 2012)    

Originally posted on HIV Blogger:
Last night was difficult – I’m not quite sure why, but it was. I was watching the last episode of Series 1 of Queer As Folk (American version) with my friend Andrew. Right at the end of this episode is the scene where Justin Taylor, played so excellently by Randy…

3 days to go to WAD2012 – so much happening as we #PainttheTownRED

We’ve three days to go until World AIDS Day but with everything that has been going on today  as we Paint the Town Red in Belfast you would be forgiven for thinking that we had made it there already. First of all this morning I was at The HIV Support Centre in Belfast for the […]

A day in bed… preparing for the week to come #worldAIDSday

Everyone knows how sometimes it feels like a day to stay in bed. Well, despite having quite a lot to do to prepare for World AIDS Day Events this week, today was a day where instead of getting up and doing stuff from 0900 I didn’t actually wake up properly until 1.30pm. This means that […]

HIV positive porn star calls for barebacking to be banned

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that a porn actor who contracted HIV while filming has called for condoms to be made compulsory across the adult film industry. Derrick Burts, 24, tested positive for HIV in October after starring in US gay and straight porn films. Related Articles Derrick Burts: HIV-Positive Porn Actor Calls […]

August 29 – feast of the Beheading of St John Baptist

Well I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. I was out with a new mate. One that I thought might lead to something more. One problem : he’s negative. In the middle of a night out I ended up telling him about my status. K-‘s been relatively okay about this. But it highlights to […]

August 28

It’s some time since I have posted on here. But the events of last night really do need recorded. Five Hours of a Meeting I was at a meeting last night which lasted five hours – but it was reasonably productive depsite starting to cover ground that is not this year’s committee’s responsibility. Then two […]

June 23

St Etheldreda’s Day Today is St Etheldreda’s Day. The day that the Church remembers a holy Abbess in Ely, Cambridgeshire. It is the day I remember a friend of mine called Etheldreda. And remember that I have forgotten to send a card to her – I’ll have to do that later this afternoon. Hospital Clinic […]