Whilst on dialysis, Andrew had messaged me to let me know that he had set up Disney+ for the household — and to give me the login and password. So, that really brightened up my day. I got back home from my dialysis session yesterday and was very, very tired. So, sitting down on the sofa at home, why do I say sitting, I mean lying down on the sofa at home we watched something on Disney+ for the first time. I found a film that neither of us had seen before: Fantasia.

I decided that I really needed both my Mickey Mice (or is it Mickeys Mouse, Mickeys Mice?) and sit with them watching the film. I have only ever heard of Fantasia before. I knew of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice scene, but had never seen it in context. The other reason I knew of Fantasia, from Latter Days, where the owner of Lila’s the bar where most of the characters work mentions the film,

I hear that Disney’s opening a Fantasia restaurant where the plates fly themselves to the tables. Until then, what to do.

Lila Montagne, in Latter Days, 2003.

I loved Latter Days and I am happy to say that I also loved Fantasia. OK, OK, so I only made it through the first half of Fantasia. By the intermission, Andrew had fallen asleep, so I turned off the film and we will resume it another day. I was completely amazed that it was from 1940. It seemed so impossible that Disney was producing such wonderful cartoons at that point. I loved the music especially the opening piece of Toccata and Fugue in D minor by J.S. Bach. As an organist, I love it, so it was great to hear it orchestrally and watch it visually.

I hope to watch the rest of the film later.