Day 30

Well today was a down day. I woke up this morning late after a big night out, but early enough to take the drugs. Which I hated this morning. I’m not sure there was any particular reason. I just felt down. I took the drugs and returned to bed. When I got up, and this afternoon came to my parents’ house.  At least I have my drugs with me. Drugs. Always. I hate the having to worry about them. Hopefully tomorrow will be more up than down. Continue reading Day 30

Day 29 – Four weeks on

It is now four weeks since I was diagnosed HIV+, and somehow, I cannot quite believe that it is that long. It seems now to be something which I have always had. I am not saying that I am totally sorted in my head with this, nor that it doesn’t creep into my consciousness nearly every hour…  However, it is something that I am aware of. It has affected how my life is lived. There have been incidents where I have had to think about things in a different way. Take the many opportunities that are there as a gay … Continue reading Day 29 – Four weeks on

Day 27

Second day back in work. Though only got in for about 10 o’clock. This meant that I came in and immediately went for some breakfast in the canteen (small cherry scone and jam, together with hot chocolate and Kaletra® x2). Then back upstairs and on to the work for the day.  At least today I don’t feel quite as knackered as I did yesterday. And I even managed to get some proper work done. And lunch was huge (roast beef, yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, and cauliflower cheese; followed by Peach Melba yoghurt; and Truvada®). So now I am wondering what to … Continue reading Day 27

Day 26

Today was the first proper day back at work since diagnosis. But, it seems that I still need to take into account the stresses and strains that are placed upon me as I begin to understand and cope with living with HIV. Concentration is now not as easy as once it was. My head seems to be sore a lot of the time. And I am also rather tired most of the day. This may be a side effect of the medication. However, at least in work there is a reasonable canteen so I can report that I had a … Continue reading Day 26

Day 22

Work… Today I was back to work for the first time since I started the meds. It was an interesting experience, I felt different, but as those around me didn’t know about the diagnosis they treated me no differently. However, it was noticed that I was more tired than normal, and that it was taking me longer to do routine tasks. I suppose that this is to be expected. Drugs The drugs continue to have the effect of making me more tired than I normally would be. This is particularly in the afternoon after I have taken my Truvada® tablet. Unfortunately, … Continue reading Day 22

Day 21

It’s been nearly a week since my last post. It’s okay, I haven’t died, I have just been dealing with lots of things.  Drugs The drugs have been taken in the same way as the Jelly beans were. Every 12 hours as well as one at one o’clock. Despite many warnings of side effects, I appear to be lucky in that the only main one that I have been suffering is tiredness.  Food This week has seen me cooking much more for myself than ever before. I’ve even had a few friends around for a couple of meals this week. … Continue reading Day 21

Day 16

Well, yesterday I was up at the clinic with moral support from a friend. So first of all a word of thanks to him. Counts CD4 = 100 Viral Load= 29k An explanation of these terms is given below. CD4 and viral load tests Together these tests give a good indication of what’s going on with our HIV. CD4 test Knowing how many CD4 cells we’ve got in a sample of our blood is a guide to how healthy our immune system is.  Normal CD4 count A healthy adult man has a CD4 count of between 400 to 1600 CD4 cells … Continue reading Day 16

Day 15

It’s a fortnight since I received the news that I was HIV-positive. During those two weeks there have been many ups as well as the many downs. That this was going to be a challenge was obvious even in the week between testing and receiving the results. But, the positive things that have come out of this I believe will help to balance the negative aspects. I’ve another appointment up at the clinic today, so hopefully will know more later. Jelly Bean Test The jelly beans have run out, but maybe I’ll get replacement jelly beans (as in actual tablets) … Continue reading Day 15

Day 14, part 2

Didn’t think that I would be posting again so soon. But I was greeted by post when I got back to my house after lunchtime today. Now normally post is just bills, bank statements, and various magazines to which I subscribe. But… In the last two days, I’ve received some books from friends from all around the country. The Way of the Cross for those who have AIDS and have HIV. Delia Smith’s One is Fun The Penguin book of Metaphysical Poetry To the friends who have sent these… Thank you very much. It is great to have your support. Continue reading Day 14, part 2