It is now four weeks since I was diagnosed HIV+, and somehow, I cannot quite believe that it is that long. It seems now to be something which I have always had. I am not saying that I am totally sorted in my head with this, nor that it doesn’t creep into my consciousness nearly every hour… 

However, it is something that I am aware of. It has affected how my life is lived. There have been incidents where I have had to think about things in a different way. Take the many opportunities that are there as a gay man to have sex. Now, I have to think about this much more seriously. Do I really want to have sex with this person? Should I tell him about my status? 

Mostly, though, my life is much more positive (excuse the pun) than it was four weeks ago. I am learning to cook for myself – though have not got much beyond pasta and sauce of some kind or another, and I am learning to have a positive mental outlook. (Positive once more!).

We’ll see what the next month brings.