Day 57 – Ascension of the Lord

Sorry for the delay in posting, various other things have been happening and that has increased my workload in the last few days. I’ve now registered with a new GP and have to say that the process was reasonably good. The practice nurse couldn’t have been more helpful, and whilst she seemed to be asking more questions about what support there was here, it was good that she was asking. Hospital Up to the clinic today for more bloods and urine sample. It does feel like the clinic are a bunch of vampires being only interested in extracting blood from … Continue reading Day 57 – Ascension of the Lord

Day 51

Well we’re into the next 50 days! And life is not as bad as it may have seemed in the last few days. Although there is a nagging problem with my shoulder and I have been to see my physician who has prescribed some painkillers – so I now have even more drugs to take each day! What fun! But fortunately, they appear to be having some effect. Counselling Had my second session with my counsellor, and it seems that it is going well. I am pleased that I have been persuaded into going for these sessions. We’ve been concentrating … Continue reading Day 51

Day 50 – Half a century of days

The fiftieth day since I was diagnosed and in some ways it feels like Day One was only yesterday: in other ways it feels like it was longer than fifty days ago. Counselling Yesterday I had my first counselling session at a local support centre. There are a number of issues that came out of that first session: but the one with the priority is ‘learning to cope with being HIV positive’. Anything else that is in the background can wait – if it has waited this long, it can wait a bit longer. Food Food is now becoming a bit … Continue reading Day 50 – Half a century of days

Day 47 – New Meds

Well it happened on Day 43, I got new medication from the consultant. Basicaly the diarrhoea and tiredness were getting too much and so the Kaletra has been stopped. The replacement is Prezista® and is taken at the same time as Ritonavir. Hopefully this will make life a bit easier. Food is still a problem but I am getting there a bit better. Some days are easier than others as I have easy access to food in the staff canteen. Other days are more problematic as I am at home on my own. Continue reading Day 47 – New Meds

Day 42

Six weeks since diagnosis: amazing how time flies when you are having fun! Or more properly when you are learning to cope and to live once again.  Seriously though, life is now looking much better than it did prior to diagnosis. Now I know it is easier to know what to do to try and help me get through this. I have found many many new friends some of whom are also positive. The support that is around is great. But I still have the loneliness of sitting at home in the morning as I get up to take my … Continue reading Day 42

Day 39

Well, what a week it has been! Life rather caught hold of me and I managed to not get around to posting to this blog for quite some time.  I am still hating my tablets but I am still taking them. So good boy that I am. I have found a new friend – just when I had given up and wasn’t going to even attempt to find such a person. He happened to walk across a computer screen a few weeks ago, and then I met him last weekend. Met in reality that is. It was a bit of … Continue reading Day 39