I knew that I had an appointment at the clinic today, but I had neglected to write the time in my diary, so I had been attempting to make telephonic contact with the clinic since Tuesday—without success! Finally, today at about 3.30 p.m., I managed to get through to the clinic, only to find that my appointment had been at 2.25 p.m., I therefore said I would be there in half an hour—and I dashed off across the city.

When I got there, I got some good news. The results of the blood tests that were taken on 7 May were good. My Viral Load has come down dramatically to 180. This shows how effective the anti-retrovirals are. My CD4 count remains at 100, but until the virus has been brought under control, it is unlikely to start to rise again.

Apparently, my kidney is working fine as well.

Bloods have been taken once more, so we will see what is going on when I am next back at the clinic.