Day 69 – no jokes please

It’s day 69, and life is good. The weather here is excellent – the sun is in the sky, there is a bit of a breeze, and life is good. 

Although I had a long day yesterday, with work, counselling session, two meetings, and further work when I got home, I do still feel like I have turned a corner in coping with this disease.

At the weekend, I was chatting online to several friends and found out that even more of my friends are actually HIV-positive. This has started to help me know that “I am not alone”. And telling friends that I am positive seems also to be helping them know that they are not alone. Peer support is useful as far as I can see. Thank God for the internet and allowing us to chat anonymously to each other and then find out that we are positive.

4 thoughts on “Day 69 – no jokes please

  1. Hi friend
    following your blog since the time i was diagnosed as hiv + which happened to be your 5oth day.
    i am into art treatment ,cd4 is 150.
    is it mandatory for the hepatatis A and B vaccination?
    my daily dosage of treatment comprises of 2 dosage in a day,morning being 2 pills of lopinavir/ritonavir along with one pill of tenolvar dispoprom and night 2 pills of lopinavir/ritonavir along with multivitamin tablet.

    having low apetite,curious about what is the jellyfish you referred in your early blog?

  2. Thanks for your post.

    The Hepatitis A and B vaccination was being given because of being a gay man. It happened to coincide with being diagnosed HIV+.

    Regarding low appetite – I too find it difficult to eat. Although with me, it seems to be a problem with motivating myself to eat. One way that has helped me with this is that the medication I am on needs to be taken with food and so I do need to eat something.

    The Jelly fish was actually sweets called Jelly beans which in the week leading up to actually being on meds I was taking twelve hours apart to prepare myself for actual tablets. Jelly fish they were not. Hope this helps.

  3. thanks for the reply.
    did you have any problem with eyes ,i am haing recurring sty infection.
    Also you mentioned about ur kidney doing well.Any specific test done to find out about the kidney condition.
    is it ok if I bother you sometime with my questions.
    Presently i am feeling very low and depressed after knowing my status…

    1. Thanks for your comments.
      I have no problems with my eyes.
      Re kidneys. I think it was some test on my urine that was done to test kidney function. I’m not sure. I’ll ask the next time I’m at the Clinic.
      It’s not a problem you bothering me with your questions. But I must point out that I am still learning myself. It may be worthwhile looking at some of the links on my blog to see if there are answers there.
      Have you told your doctor you feel low and depressed? I know how you feel.

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