July 31 – new problems with drugs

It is the day before the local Pride Parade and Party after it. I should be doing more but this morning woke up and had no energy to go and help. So to preserve my energy for the madness that will be tomorrow, I am keeping a low profile and getting on with other things. Entering the 21st century On Wednesday I took delivery of an Apple iPhone and am currently making sure all my contacts are stored in it correctly. Who knows, I may even be able to update this blog from it at some point in the near … Continue reading July 31 – new problems with drugs

July 29

One new positive friend… It’s a funny world. In one week I have discovered more friends that are positive. But also heard bad news about one friend. Finding out that friends I’ve had for months are in fact positive and have been for as long as I have known them is an interesting experience. On a certain dating site I have a profile that makes it clear that I am HIV positive. I used to have a profile that didn’t, and it was through that profile I met the friend that told me he was positive last night. He asked … Continue reading July 29

July 27

Food continues to be an issue. Yesterday, I was really bad. I only had a bag of sweets and a banana. Well not entirely. I had some “cornish” pasties (made in Belfast not Callington!) and some cake at lunch time. At least the meds are still being taken. Which is good. Still getting pains in legs and joints in general, though yesterday the worst was the pain in my head, which mean that I am very slow when walking. This really is an annoyance as have to remember to pace myself. Continue reading July 27

July 21

Good news finally today. I was up at the HIV Clinic once more today and found out that there was really good news. My Viral Load count has come down. In fact it is now so low that it is undetectable. In the words of another friend who also got this result a couple of weeks ago. ” I may have to celebrate. “ Although this is good news, this doesn’t totally stop the feelings of depression and lack of motivation that are still floating around in my head. More good news is that I am becoming better at taking … Continue reading July 21

July 15 – St Swithun’s Day

St Swithun’s day if thou dost rain For forty days it will remain St Swithun’s day if thou be fair For forty days ’twill rain na mair Raining in Belfast And so as normal, on July 15, it is raining. Let’s hope that the traditional rhyme doesn’t apply in this ecclesiastical Province of Armagh but only in that of Canterbury. Or maybe it only applies in the diocese of Winchester where St Swithun lived, worked, and was buried. Long time.. no post It has indeed been quite a while since last I posted to this blog. This has been because … Continue reading July 15 – St Swithun’s Day