August 30

Last night was one of the worst since diagnosis. But today has been much better. The support that I’ve received over the last few months has been made even clearer in the actions of others today. Kr- texted to check I was ok after last night. K. also contacted me to check we were mates still after our falling out yesterday. And S. made in clear he was worried about me. And today’s BBQ was great. Awful weather but great friends. Thank you to all of them. A., S., S., P., N., B., T., T., J., and R.! Continue reading August 30

August 29 – feast of the Beheading of St John Baptist

Well I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. I was out with a new mate. One that I thought might lead to something more. One problem : he’s negative. In the middle of a night out I ended up telling him about my status. K-‘s been relatively okay about this. But it highlights to me the problem in being interested in men that aren’t known to be positive. When is the time to tell them? How can the virus be passed on? Is kissing wrong? Should I resign myself to being single for ever? Perhaps that would be simpler. … Continue reading August 29 – feast of the Beheading of St John Baptist

August 28

It’s some time since I have posted on here. But the events of last night really do need recorded. Five Hours of a Meeting I was at a meeting last night which lasted five hours – but it was reasonably productive depsite starting to cover ground that is not this year’s committee’s responsibility. Then two of us decided that it would be a good idea to head for a pint. Everything goes awry OK, so I shouldn’t be drinking alcohol whilst taking Citalopram, but I was planning only to have one pint. I say planning, because as with all best … Continue reading August 28

August 26

It is now five months since I was diagnosed with HIV. What an anniversary! Had a reasonably good week thus far – but still feeling tired. Out with a friend last night for tea and again with another friend tonight. At least this saves me the problems of cooking. But waiting on money to actually reach my bank account is driving me nuts! Maybe I’ll get paid on Friday somehow. Hoping that the aches and pains start to go away – but there is no sign of that. And house tidy is still needed. But kind of need money for … Continue reading August 26