It’s some time since I have posted on here. But the events of last night really do need recorded.

Five Hours of a Meeting

I was at a meeting last night which lasted five hours – but it was reasonably productive depsite starting to cover ground that is not this year’s committee’s responsibility. Then two of us decided that it would be a good idea to head for a pint.

Everything goes awry

OK, so I shouldn’t be drinking alcohol whilst taking Citalopram, but I was planning only to have one pint. I say planning, because as with all best laid plans it all went a trifle awry.

First of all, our choice of hostelry had just closed the bar. “Damnation!” we cried, but when we walked in we found another of our mates. Though I didn’t recognise him at first as he didn’t have his spectacles on.

The Three Musketeers set off

Now three in number we toddled off to the next hostelry. It was open—success! So we had a pint there and some good chat. Then it was closing too. I was encouraged to down my Kopparberg. I can’t open my throat to get drinks down so I drank it as quickly as possible and we left and went round to the second hostelry’s attached club.

Red, Orange, Green — Traffic Light Party
    £2stg to check in a bag
    £5 entry fee.

Bit expensive to me but friends paid me in, and we went to the bar… After quite some time of standing at the bar, we went to sit down. And I noticed that A. was pressing his leg next to mine.

The end of the night came all too quickly and we exited the club. A. was booked into a backpackers’ hostel and R. then invited the two of us back to his place in the East of the city. This seemed like the best plan. There was no way that A. was being invited back to my place. Absolutely no way whatsoever!

A House, but no keys!

So we went got A.’s stuff from the backpackers’ and then called a Taxi. Got out to the East of the city and only then did R. realise that he did not have keys to his house! A telephone call to his mother ensued and the solution: a bottle of milk and the keys were dispatched in another taxi from the North of the city to the East. Meanwhile A. and I huddled together in the window and R. stood in the door. C. the cat was miaowing loudly from the inside.

Feline movements outside as well as inside

Across the street two cats came along and started screaming at each other. I think I have now finally heard what is referred to as “cats’ chorus”. It was amazing it sounded like the cats were actually talking to one another. We were amazed that a fight did not happen.

Milk arrived—and the keys!

The taxi arrived, the milk and the keys were handed over and we were in. A cup of tea was made and then we were falling asleep. So about five o’clock in the morning we went to bed. R. gave A. and me the choice: there is a bed in there, or in there, or you could both have one… We chose the latter. And it was great!

The morning after the morning before

9am came far too quickly (unlike us – that was quite slow but lovely (probably too much information!) and A. was up and leaving which was a pity as R. had just gone out to get some food and on his return we had a lovely fry.

Food Count for today thus far
    2 sausages
    1 rasher of bacon
    1 fried egg
    2 slices of potato bread
    1 cup of tea
    1 glass of orange juice (with added Vitamin C)!

Oh, and my salary has been mucked up. Finance department failed! Sent it to a bank account that was closed! So now going to have to exist on not very much (about £15) until next Friday unless someone loans me some.. Not good!