It is the day before the local Pride Parade and Party after it. I should be doing more but this morning woke up and had no energy to go and help. So to preserve my energy for the madness that will be tomorrow, I am keeping a low profile and getting on with other things.

Entering the 21st century

On Wednesday I took delivery of an Apple iPhone and am currently making sure all my contacts are stored in it correctly. Who knows, I may even be able to update this blog from it at some point in the near future.

Food continues to be a problem

Depsite all my best efforts, eating is still a problem, mainly due to the lack of appetite and the feeling that there is no point putting in what is going to come out again pretty quickly in another way. However, I have been relatively good and ate pizza last night which had ham and pineapple on it, and I even ate the Rocket that was on it.

Drug problems

My drug problems continue. I mean my problems with my prescription drugs not any problem with any substance misuse. However, I have been much better in recent weeks than before. I have, however, discovered that my pain killer of choice is no longer a good idea. It seems that Nurofen can interact with my Ritonavir so out it goes, and in comes good oldfashioned Paracetamol.