July 29

One new positive friend…

It’s a funny world. In one week I have discovered more friends that are positive. But also heard bad news about one friend.
Finding out that friends I’ve had for months are in fact positive and have been for as long as I have known them is an interesting experience. On a certain dating site I have a profile that makes it clear that I am HIV positive. I used to have a profile that didn’t, and it was through that profile I met the friend that told me he was positive last night. He asked me why I hadn’t told him – as we had linked up again under my new positive profile – and I said that it was that I hadn’t known. But the chat with him helped.

And one has gone…

Yesterday I found out that one friend who was also going to our local support centre had taken his own life at the weekend. It seems such a shame and feels like a waste of a life. However shocking it is to those of us in the centre, it is his family that really needs the love and support of everyone around them. As I said yesterday on hearing the news…

“If it weren’t for the support centre, that is probably the route that I would have gone…”

Fortunately, this has not been the case.

This year as everyone goes out for various Pride events, I know that some of us will be thinking of those no longer with us.

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