July 29

One new positive friend… It’s a funny world. In one week I have discovered more friends that are positive. But also heard bad news about one friend. Finding out that friends I’ve had for months are in fact positive and have been for as long as I have known them is an interesting experience. On a certain dating site I have a profile that makes it clear that I am HIV positive. I used to have a profile that didn’t, and it was through that profile I met the friend that told me he was positive last night. He asked … Continue reading July 29

June 23

St Etheldreda’s Day Today is St Etheldreda’s Day. The day that the Church remembers a holy Abbess in Ely, Cambridgeshire. It is the day I remember a friend of mine called Etheldreda. And remember that I have forgotten to send a card to her – I’ll have to do that later this afternoon. Hospital Clinic Last month when I was given the date for today’s appointment I mentioned that it was St Etheldreda’s day and the doctor looked at me a bit funny. I’m rather good with dates – name a day and I’ll probably be able to know what … Continue reading June 23