There’s an App for That (via

My friends over at have come up with a list of their top ten HIV Apps. I know that I use some of them on my iPhone, tell me in the comments box what you think of the ones you use, and maybe i you know of others. It seems that no matter your health condition or medical need, there truly is “an app for that.” If you’re one of the tens of millions of people around the world with HIV or AIDS, you can rest assured that the computer whizzes haven’t left you out. Check out the top … Continue reading There’s an App for That (via

Researchers: Bee Venom Can Kill the HIV Virus (via

New research shows that nanoparticles carrying a toxin found in bee venom are capable of destroying HIV cells while leaving others intact. Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis (WU) say they’ve found a way to effectively destroy the HIV virus using a toxin found in bee venom. The study, published Thursday in the journal Antiviral Therapy, states that the technique not only destroys the virus that causes AIDS, but also leaves surrounding cells intact. Researchers say they hope the nanoparticle technology could be incorporated into a vaginal gel to prevent the spread of HIV in areas with high rates of … Continue reading Researchers: Bee Venom Can Kill the HIV Virus (via

AIDS Warning – Tasteless joke award…

aids day
aids day (Photo credit: max_thinks_sees)

This evening, after a long and tiring week I settled down to chat to a few friends on Facebook, one of the many groups that I am a member flashed up as having a new post… knowing the group to be one where some good jokes are often posted, I hurried across…


To all of you approaching 55 or have REACHED 55 and past, this E-mail is especially for you…

SENIOR CITIZENS ARE THE NATION’S LEADING CARRIERS OF AIDS! Continue reading “AIDS Warning – Tasteless joke award…”

Durex promises #1share1condom for #worldaidsday to help HIV-prevention charities. Can you help?

As we approach World AIDS Day 2012 there are many ways that you can make a difference to the global campaign against HIV transmission. For anyone who uses social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, leading condom manufacturer, Durex has promised to donate one condom for one share. Watch the video With no cure for AIDS, HIV prevention is a priority. With the #1Share1Condom campaign we’re raising awareness of HIV and AIDS globally. On behalf of every person who gets involved by sharing an HIV message, Durex will donate a condom to an HIV prevention project. These projects are active … Continue reading Durex promises #1share1condom for #worldaidsday to help HIV-prevention charities. Can you help?

July 31 – new problems with drugs

It is the day before the local Pride Parade and Party after it. I should be doing more but this morning woke up and had no energy to go and help. So to preserve my energy for the madness that will be tomorrow, I am keeping a low profile and getting on with other things. Entering the 21st century On Wednesday I took delivery of an Apple iPhone and am currently making sure all my contacts are stored in it correctly. Who knows, I may even be able to update this blog from it at some point in the near … Continue reading July 31 – new problems with drugs