Good news finally today. I was up at the HIV Clinic once more today and found out that there was really good news. My Viral Load count has come down. In fact it is now so low that it is undetectable. In the words of another friend who also got this result a couple of weeks ago.

” I may have to celebrate. “

Although this is good news, this doesn’t totally stop the feelings of depression and lack of motivation that are still floating around in my head.

More good news is that I am becoming better at taking my meds—even the tiny 10mg one for the depression.

And I have found an easy way to make sure I have some food. I am not buying in bulk or in advance. I am buying what I will need each day and just before I need it. That way, I have more chance of actually using it. And not having to put it in the bin as it starts to go off.