Day 39

Well, what a week it has been! Life rather caught hold of me and I managed to not get around to posting to this blog for quite some time. 

I am still hating my tablets but I am still taking them. So good boy that I am.

I have found a new friend – just when I had given up and wasn’t going to even attempt to find such a person. He happened to walk across a computer screen a few weeks ago, and then I met him last weekend. Met in reality that is. It was a bit of a strange reality but it was nonetheless in person. Since then we’ve met some more despite the distance between us, and I am enjoying getting to know him better.

Food is still being eaten – and I am even cooking some myself! Though still nothing terribly exciting. I have yet to try the fish pie recipe that was sent to me on here but I hope to try that this week. Wednesday this week saw a rather fabulous meal in the evening – but that was out in a rather swanky location with the new friend. 

This week should be relatively more normal – I’ve another appointment at the hospital on Thursday with my consultant so perhaps I’ll find out how I’m doing in her opinion.

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