Day 57 – Ascension of the Lord

Sorry for the delay in posting, various other things have been happening and that has increased my workload in the last few days.

I’ve now registered with a new GP and have to say that the process was reasonably good. The practice nurse couldn’t have been more helpful, and whilst she seemed to be asking more questions about what support there was here, it was good that she was asking.

Up to the clinic today for more bloods and urine sample. It does feel like the clinic are a bunch of vampires being only interested in extracting blood from me. Perhaps I will get the results of the previous tests. I wonder if there is any noticeable change in my CD4 and Viral load counts.

Eating is still a bit of a problem. In the last few days I have noticed that my appetite has gone down from its usual low to an even greater low.

New tablets are seeming to reduce the side effects from which I had been suffering. So this is good and I wish I had gone to see the clinic earlier rather than sticking with them and hoping the problems would go away.

The local HIV centre provides many services – and one of them is massage. On Monday afternoon I took them up on it. I was sceptical but it was great. I really felt better after it. In fact, I think I still am in a way. 

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