Well we’re into the next 50 days! And life is not as bad as it may have seemed in the last few days. Although there is a nagging problem with my shoulder and I have been to see my physician who has prescribed some painkillers – so I now have even more drugs to take each day! What fun! But fortunately, they appear to be having some effect.

Had my second session with my counsellor, and it seems that it is going well. I am pleased that I have been persuaded into going for these sessions. We’ve been concentrating on me being HIV-positive and how I am coping with that.

Well last night, I had some simple sandwiches to eat. White bread, butter, salad cream, tuna, with a little salt – and very nice they were too. Now, they were nowhere near as delicious as the ones that my mother used to make for me to take to school – but then it is rare that a mother’s cooking is bettered by her children.

The weekend has not much lined up, but I am going to some friends’ for tea this evening, and tomorrow for the evening as well. On Sunday, no doubt I’ll be up at my parents’. And then it is back to work on Monday!